SF Spring Salad

The Farmers’ Market is abundant with all sorts of fruits and nuts…oh, and there’s great fresh produce to buy, too! Today’s simple salad recipe includes 3/4 Farmers’ Market freshness. Until I find a goat cheese supplier, I’m stuck buying mine from stores.

This is where I got my Goat Cheese from. The cheese itself is from Wisconsin.
This is Divisadero stand that sold me my arugula and beets.

Beet, Arugula, Goat Cheese and Walnut Salad

Ingredients: Arugula & Beets (Ibarra Organics), Organic Walnuts (Inzana Ranch), and Goat Cheese (Arguello Market – from Wisconsin), Organic Olive Oil & Organic Balsamic.

This is all you’ll need for your salad.

1. Preheat oven to 350F. Arrange walnuts evenly across tray and toast for 8-10 minutes, checking on them occasionally. You want them to be a golden brown color. Allow to cool.

Toasted walnuts on right compared to raw nuts on left.

2. Boil a pot of water. Once boiled, place in beets with greens removed (either use for another meal or compost). I’m honestly a novice beet user–so I cut off the roots and things, too.  Anywho, boil yer beets until a fork can puncture them.

3. Mix olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. If you’ve got a lemon you can juice, add that in, too! Stir or shake depending on container; I prefer mine shaken, not stirred.

4. Put freshly washed arugula greens in bowl. Once beets are cooked, allow them cool and dice into preferable-sized chunks. Add to bowl with arugula. Coat with oil & vinaigrette dressing and toss.

5. Top with toasted walnuts and chunks of goat cheese. Some people get crafty and chop their walnuts and roll balls of goat cheese around in them. I say: do whatever your heart desires!

Salad fit for a sustainivore!

At this point you probably think I’m crazy for declaring this a recipe. How much arugula? How many beets? I just try to estimate based off how many people I expect my meal to feed. For my Green Media class I’m feeding 11, so I used one bag of arugula, two bunches of beets, and enough walnut and cheese until I felt content. As for the dressing: mix it in, and if there’s not enough to coat it all make some more. Who’s going to know if there wasn’t enough at first?

Abundant Harvests,


About Brittany

I am an Environmental Studies graduate from the University of San Francisco. That's where the inspirational fire sparked--through the Garden Project, Back to da Roots, and How-to-Homestead. From there my knowledge of the food system, the environment, and San Francisco has grown immensely, and I have found myself healthier and happier than ever! I continue to blend the world of urban, natural, and technological. Urban homesteader, gardener, experimental home chef, environmentalist, foodie, and explorer. I look for the good stuff in San Francisco and can guide you along your own personal exploration, as well!
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