Curried Lentils & Rice

If you’re the kind of person that likes a good, wholesome meal but doesn’t have the patience to stand over a stove to cook, nor the money to spend on a bunch of ingredients, and also want a meal that requires little cooking skill beyond chopping onions and garlic—well then this is the recipe for you!

If Bobby and I are cooking for a big group—ranging from potlucks to a gang of skater boys—this recipe always comes in handy. It’s best for the last-minute crowd of dinner guest too, with the versatility to use broth (which gives it more flavor) or water.

Curried Lentils & Rice

1. Begin your rice with the simple ratio one part rice to two parts water. I honestly cannot estimate how much rice will come out and always end up making more then necessary, so use your best judgment. A good rule is to always good to have more then less. Depending on the rice you use (brown, jasmine, Uncle Ben’s…) you might want to do this once your lentils have begun cooking already.

2. In a large pot add 3 cups vegetable broth (or water) and 1 cup lentils. For this I used the left over broth from the Vegetable Pot Pie and added water to get to the right amount. (Another great thing about this recipe, you can improvise with water if you overestimated your stock.)

3. Dice 1 onion and mince 1 clove of garlic, then add to the pot.

4. Season with 3 tablespoons of curry powder, 2 bay leaves, and salt and pepper to taste. You could also substitute two whole black peppercorns for the pepper itself.

5. Let simmer for 40-50 minutes until the lentils are a nice texture. Remove the bay leaves and peppercorns (if used), and serve over rice.

Note: We typically double this recipe if serving for a large group, of if you want something easy to take to school or work for lunch that can be reheated in a microwave.

Cozy Eating,


About Brittany

I am an Environmental Studies graduate from the University of San Francisco. That's where the inspirational fire sparked--through the Garden Project, Back to da Roots, and How-to-Homestead. From there my knowledge of the food system, the environment, and San Francisco has grown immensely, and I have found myself healthier and happier than ever! I continue to blend the world of urban, natural, and technological. Urban homesteader, gardener, experimental home chef, environmentalist, foodie, and explorer. I look for the good stuff in San Francisco and can guide you along your own personal exploration, as well!
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