100% Farmers’ Market Meal

I’m such a sucker for a Farmers’ Market with good tunes since it seems to be one of the most distinguishable characteristics of each. And of course, the jazz coming from the Fillmore Center at Fillmore Farmers’ Market [Saturdays @ Fillmo’ && O’Farrell 9am-1pm] is continuously great.

This week I went shopping before making breakfast, so what better than to make it based off all my fresh goodies?!


So this is what I made:

Veggie Scramble:: Red bell pepper, green bell pepper, zucchini, organic onion, organic garlic [this was actually purchased weeks ago at Divisadero FM], organic large eggs.

Green Onion && Cheddar Biscuits:: purchased from the wonderul bread man at the beginning of the market, usually near the honey lady and the Indian food stand.

Purple Rosemary Potatoes:: exactly the same from the previous recipe post!

It took about 20 minutes or so to prepare the vegetables, cook them, and plate it. Who would eat processed cereal when this is a cheap option. It took about ~$3 to feed two well. Real well. Then I took my full belly to enjoy some Wyder’s Cider and a beautiful Saturday at Dolores Park. This is what I call a SF day!

Oh, and don’t forget to spoil yourself with a $2 bouquet.



About Brittany

I am an Environmental Studies graduate from the University of San Francisco. That's where the inspirational fire sparked--through the Garden Project, Back to da Roots, and How-to-Homestead. From there my knowledge of the food system, the environment, and San Francisco has grown immensely, and I have found myself healthier and happier than ever! I continue to blend the world of urban, natural, and technological. Urban homesteader, gardener, experimental home chef, environmentalist, foodie, and explorer. I look for the good stuff in San Francisco and can guide you along your own personal exploration, as well!
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